The ‘nearly’ perfect Roast

This is the ‘nearly’ perfect Roast – it was almost there, we just forgot the greens. Bummer.

So, firstly let’s forget that minute detail – who needs greens in a roast anyway? We all know it’s about the meat and carbs.

We normally have roast chicken, as it’s so versatile and we use the left-overs for our lunches during the week. I have chicken salad, and The Gentleman has roast for as many days as he can until it’s all demolished.

We got a gorgeous Chicken Marinade for Christmas, which we smothered this badboy in. Then we cheated slightly as our Chicken was already filled with stuffing.

I truly believe in a one-pot roast. My mother has always cooked everything together, and I think you can’t beat the flavour it creates. I chopped up Parsnips, Onions (halved), Carrots and Garlic but you can really put any root vegetables you like in there (15 minutes before the roast is done, I normally like to add some vine cherry tomatoes for extra flavour). Whack it all in the oven with a good glug of oil for just over 2 hours at 180 ish (basting it halfway through) and the result is this beautiful chicken and vegetables.

The potatoes are a whole other boardgame. I peel them, cut them into nice big roastie sizes and boil them until they’re starting to fall apart. Their tin is heavily oiled, and left in the oven until it’s boiling, before they are all carefully placed into their hot oily bath to cook for as long as the chicken takes.

When the Chicken and the vegetables are done, I pop the Yorkshire Puddings in the oven and let them do their magic while sharing it with the potatoes.

The Chicken gets put on a carving board and the vegetables in a bowl, so I can use the tray of juices and oil for gravy. A teaspoon or two of cornflour goes into this, along with some chicken stock for the perfect gravy.

Et Voilà!

Beautiful, fuss-free food!