The Boatride

Every single time I go back to Devon now, I don’t want to leave. I always have so much fun there, and just wish it wasn’t so far away and so expensive to visit. Last weekend, The Gentleman and I decided to make an impromptu visit to the Shire to see some very close friends; Tom and Aisha (who you’ll remember from THIS post).

We managed to sneak just one night at my family home and stayed up until 2am in the Red Room (long story, but we have a room painted red in the house – used for parties/music/pianos/paintings etc) chatting to my parents.

We were told to be in Exeter for 10am so that Tom and Aisha could pick us up and drive us to the coast, to be able to get the boat in for high tide. Of course, the night before I had a disaster and lost the heel to my favourite shoes so had to get them re-heeled. We grabbed a bite to eat in Bills, before picking up my shoes, and once again they didn’t disappoint!

Now, I was in a particular mood for pancakes with bacon and maple syrup. Bill’s don’t have this on their menu. So, I thought I would be particularly cheeky and ask for it. 

You know what? They made it for me. What Babes.

We were all set for our boat trip. We met Tom and Aisha on a side road and hopped in the car towards Exmouth. We were so ready for the high tide to appear at 12.12pm and started to get the boat ready on the trailer to dump it into the water.

However, the tide didn’t actually come in. We were sitting there for half an hour waiting for this tide and it really didn’t come, so we piled everything back into the car and off we went to Dartmouth instead.

Dartmouth is beautiful. I’m still not sure if I’ve ever been there before, but it’s tucked away behind the mouth of the River Dart (hence the name!) where it’s just hidden from the sea by the banks. The houses are all quaint seaside properties and boats fill the middle of the river. We arrived on a particularly blue, beautiful day!

We popped down the river to spend a few hours in a pub called the Ferry Boat Inn; swapping tails of life and sipping baileys on ice and hot mugs of tea. We snuggled in our couples by the fire until the numbness from the cold, wet wind had died down and we were ready to hit the water once more.

Of course, Aisha drove us all the way there and back again (even though it’s actually Tom’s profession – see here) Then, The Gentleman asked for a turn. This was petrifying. He drove as if he suddenly had been possessed by a crazed racing driver; going round and round in circles.

You think I’m joking?…

Scary Mother Mary.

We stopped by to say hello to the resident seals, which I have to say were not as cute as I thought they’d be! I always thought their eyes were much bigger and browner. These were kind of scary and as soon as we got close they growled at us. Yes, they actually growled and almost barked. And no, I wasn’t drunk.

When we’d (rather dramatically) packed the boat up, we climbed back into the car and drove home via Sainsburys to make the most incredible steak and ale pie EVER. That night was rather uneventful, after we all fell asleep in front of the TV. Just a perfect day with lovely company.