Shaka Zulu

Camden is a place I’m always hesitant to go to, although I have no idea why. Every time I visit, I have an amazing time and wonder why I didn’t want to go in the first place. So when The Gentleman said that our friends Dave, Elz, Jess and her boyfriend Dan were there, I eventually agreed to go with him.

Camden is very hit or miss, there are some incredible places to see and go to, but equally there are some horrendous ‘Do not sue us if you get food poisoning’ kind of places too! Shaka Zulu falls into the former of the two – thankfully! 

Walking into the start of Camden Market, Shaka Zulu is a veer off to the right and down a shell lined escalator. You walk out of Camden and directly into Africa. Metal statues of Warriors and animals are everywhere and ornate wooden panelling hugs the walls, this is a place with no expense spared. Which is also reflected in the prices. Thankfully, we got there at Happy Hour so all our cocktails were less than half price. Yes, it is ACTUALLY possible to get a cocktail for less than a fiver in London.

Have you ever been to a bar/restaurant that has escalators in it? No? Me neither and it sure as hell confused me. I went to the bathroom on my own, and on my return got slightly distracted. Perhaps it was the naked statue men or something that caught my eye in the distance, either way I ended up walking up the down escalator. I say walking, I should really say ‘attempted’ to walk up. You know when you take three steps up and the motion takes you down again, you stumble back a few paces, then attempt it again before realising your mistake. 

Flicking your hair back, you toss your handbag further over your shoulder, motion your hand into an awkward wave, and flash a big smile at the waitresses mutterings of ‘Dumb Blonde’ as you walk past her to the correct escalator where you then successfully ascend it with the rest of the staff sniggering under their breath. Although, at least you’re just a dumb blonde and they don’t accuse you of being a dumb blonde after one too many cocktails… 

So we changed that and had just a few;

The Burning Red – Elz started with this. I have no idea how she finished it as I took one sip and my mouth was on fire. It’s made with chillies so it literally blows your mind!

My starter – Shark Alley. Whoever thought to put rosemary in a cocktail is a genius!

Apple Crumble – This literally tastes like a liquid pudding. So tasty, but I wouldn’t be able to drink a whole one!

Sufrika – made with kumquats. Don’t you just love that word?

My favourite, The Hustler – made with Lychee and Passion-fruit YUM!

Red Tower – lots of red berries in one drink. Mmmm!

And last but not least, The Dark Angel. Does it need a description with a name like that?

With all those drinks, we needed just a little something to soak up the alkie-poos! 

Cue an OSTRICH BURGER!! Albeit slightly disappointing for my first taste of Ostrich.

You can even see that it’s a little bit dry. The meat itself doesn’t taste incredibly different to anything I’ve had before, but I can’t pin-point its comparison! Anyway, it did its job and helped a bit! 

I would definitely go back to Shaka Zulu for early cocktails, although I wouldn’t pay the full price as they are just mad – but incredibly tasty. So on the other hand, maybe I would!

I had another amazing night in Camden. Even if we did end up in Mecca Bingo being shushed by oldies, while intensely trying to win big money. True story. None of us did win though.