‘Perfect Manicure’

While doing some after Christmas Shopping the other day, I stopped by Forever 21. This is a shop I have a love-hate relationship with. Sometimes I find incredible buys that I’ll love for ages, and other times I can search the whole store and find nothing! This time, I decided to have a little look at their beauty section and came across some nail stickers.

Now, if I’m getting ready for work I take barely 15 minutes. I like a quick beauty fix, especially when it comes to nails. I’m too impatient for all that drying time! When I saw these little beauties, I thought; problem solved!

It’s simple – you peel off the sticker, place it on your nail

Fold over the excess sticker, then file it off.

Except, it wasn’t quite so easy. It’s extremely fiddly and near impossible to get the creases out of the sides.

Ok, so they look really pretty and give an effect that’s near impossible to create using nail polish. But, the stickers were peeling after about an hour, and by 3pm (I put them on at 11am) I peeled them all off. They drove me completely mad. Is there an alternative? These were just £2.40, but I highly doubt I would buy them again. Is there a cheap, better alternative?!