Every year there’s ‘the next big thing’. Remember when Bompas and Parr were it? They’re still awesome, but there’s some new guys in town on a slightly smaller scale!

You might have seen this image going viral recently;

Who knew that’s how they made grapes, hey?

This is just one teeny tiny frame in the Minimiam Universe. Where the borrowers meet the everyday, and all your fantasies can come true. Have you ever dreamt of a giant Chocolate Éclair, excavating a mountain of chocolate, sailing through the sea in a walnut shell or going scuba diving in a mug of hot tea?

The guys over at Minimiam have a blast doing this EVERY SINGLE DAY! My mother always taught me to never play with my food – If she’d have just given me a chance, I could have made a career from it.

Gutted. Like this Pomegranate;

Akiko Ida and Pierre Javel met when they were studying at art school in Paris.

Akiko is a keen baker and widely published photographer, with a love for little figurines and Pierre is a still-life photographer and a keen illustrator. Together, they created the food world portrayed in the images.

They are currently working on a large scale mini rail road complete with butter mountains and other beautifully tasty sculpted landscapes, which I can’t wait to see.

What do you think, are Minimiam the next big thing? Have you seen anything that can compare? I could scroll through images like this all day!