Champagne and Fireworks

The Gentleman and I cooked up a storm on New Years Eve. We were supposed to be heading to Bournemouth for a massive party at Priva, but that fell through. Instead we made a delicious supper of Succulent duck soaked in Caramelised Cranberry Sauce nestled on a bed of lettuce.

Throwing on our jackets and scarves, we grabbed a bottle of Moet (present from work, thank you very much!) and joined the throngs of crowds to primrose Hill to let the Fireworks see us into 2014.

We may have underestimated just how many people were going to be there. It was heaving. We chose a nice little spot away from the mob and at exactly 00.00 on the dot, The Gentleman popped the cork on the champagne. I nestled into his jacket with my back to his chest, his arms around me and the canopy of the umbrella above us. Sipping Champagne, it was the perfect start to the New Year. 

We walked home arm in arm under the umbrella, and talked through our resolutions. We both agreed to be Tee-Total for January. 

It’s now the 6th, and we drank at the weekend, oops. 

Hey, no one’s perfect!