ARgENTUM apothecary – la potion infinie

Recently, I headed down to my first Bloggers Love event which I absolutely loved. I found two incredible brands, one of which I’ll tell you about now, the other will be coming soon! We left the lovely event with a goody bag each filled with presents from each of the companies, including a sample of the wonderful ‘la potion infinie’ from ARgENTUM apothecary. I had already had a chat with Stephanie (COO) at the event about the product, and fell in love with her passion for the brand and sheer love for the cream.

I adored my sample. I almost wanted to challenge the brand and not like the product, as Stephanie had made it sound so perfect. I ended up loving it so much I had to email her to let her know. She thanked me and proceeded to ask for my address so that she could send me my very own pot!

The story of the cream is one I love, it really is a story. Joy (CEO and Creator) had always been a fan of Silver’s medical properties and it had always played a part in her families health; whether to treat acne, or even wounds left over from Cancer treatment. One night she had an extremely vivid dream that stirred up incredible amounts of emotion within her and shared it with her best friend; Stephanie. Together, they sourced the most natural ingredients they could find and combined them with silver to produce la potion infinie. In fact, the cream is so natural (99.5% to be precise) that you can eat it. Which Stephanie actually has, although I must say she wouldn’t recommend it!

Each pot is completely unique. They have their own individual serial number (so that you know it’s an original) and, my favourite part, each jar comes with one of twelve archetype cards delivered completely by chance.

The belief is that when picking your jar, you automatically attract one of these archetype’s to you. I attracted ‘The Rebel’, which I think is a pretty accurate representation. You can follow your archetype on Twitter (I am), and find out more about it through their website.

I’ve always said that I’m pretty lazy with skincare, these guys are too. They don’t believe in skin types or old and young skin, they simply believe in this product to do its magic for whoever comes across it. The cream itself feels luxurious (with a price tag of £147 you’d hope so right?), the first time I put it on, it sunk straight into my skin and left it silky, smooth, radiant and ever-so-slightly tighter. Over a period of just a few days, I noticed a markable difference in my face and I just felt so much more confident (cliché I know, but it’s true!)

I’m so excited that I have a whole pot of this cream to use, why don’t you try a sample for yourself and let me know what you think! It’s FREE, so you might as well!

P.S. The gorgeous flowers were given to me by our lovely friends; Aimee and Ben who came over to sample my Roast and Yorkshire Puddings at the weekend!