Posh Slosh Christmas Ball 2013

I’ve been invited to The Posh Slosh Christmas Ball for the past three years, but have never been able to attend for various reasons. This year, that all changed.

The Posh Slosh Ball is THE must go-to event every year for current and ex uni students as well as their friends and family. I come into the ‘friends and family’ bunch. It’s a celebration for hundreds of twenty-something’s to get together and throw one big party, and what a night not to be missed! 500 people attended this years’ ball, and there was a waiting list of over 100 people.

I’m lucky enough to have one of the organisers sisters as one of my best friends, which meant that I was even luckier to score two tickets; one for me and one for The Gentleman.

This year, the ball was held at The Grand Connaught Rooms which was the absolute perfect venue.

To get us in the mood, and to grab our wristbands off Miss Humphries; Myself, The Gentleman, Harrie and Issy jumped in a taxi to All Bar One in Holborn. I had a Mojito, naturally.

Top photo L-R – Harrie, Me, The Gentleman.
Bottom photo L-R – Bethan, Issy, Tors and Harriet

When we arrived in the first of the rooms, we were met with a Champagne reception and a guy singing live for us.

I took the opportunity to take some group photos, as I knew the night would end with none if I didn’t!

L-R The Gentleman, Sam and Tom

L-R Bethan, Tors, Harrie, Me, Tilds, Harriet, Issy.

We took our seats at the table, and topped up the glasses whilst discussing our programmes for the evening.

As well as messing with the table decorations…

And then the food came out – we all wolfed down the starter way too quickly for me to take photos, sorry! There was Steamed Salmon or Goats Cheese and Vegetables. The Gentleman, being allergic to Salmon chose the Goats Cheese and Veg – which turned up minus the Goats Cheese.

He promptly made me eat the salmon off my plate and ate the rest.

Next was Lamb with a Pulled Pork Meatball and Mashed Potato.

And then the pudding. Although seriously tasty, lacked a little depth for a Crème Brulee. It was a bit liquid, but was Banoffee flavour which definitely made up for it!

The programmes were pulled out once again, and everyone climbed onto their chairs to sing the Posh Slosh Christmas Song 2013.

Yeah don’t worry, we’ve already been put through to X Factor 2014…

Or maybe not…

The Gentleman and I snuck away for a few cheeky photos (you only get a preview though! The rest will follow in another post!) before going back to the others;

The drinks started to flow a little too easily… then this all happened;

After dinner, the front tables were cleared to make way for a dance floor with live music playing until our carriages pulled up at 2am. We were all thoroughly exhausted and had some sore heads to nurse the next day. But, I can’t wait until next year!

A note for all the girls in the pictures. I know you all wanted me to heavily doctor (edit) the photos, but I have not even touched one of them except for cropping. You’re all just naturally gorgeous!!