Linleys Bistro

One of my best friends has been completely AWOL recently. The last time I saw Tom or ‘Monty’ as he’s known to most, we were having dinner at Ruby’s in Exeter and he had to rush off on a date. I had guessed that the date had gone pretty well, as he disappeared for 7 months and then announced a week or so ago that they were ENGAGED!

So yep, pretty big news. I cannot wait for the wedding, its a surprise for now but it’s going to be incredible!

The other news is that they’ve launched a street food business, so yeah pretty busy then! But if you remember from previous adventures, Tom is already a powerboat racer etc so by no means is he slowing down any time soon!

The new business is called Linleys Bistro and is nestled within the Guildhall in Exeter, Devon. I had the absolute pleasure of trying it at the weekend. It’s always difficult reviewing things that friends have done because you want to be honest but not disappoint them. I shouldn’t have been worried; Tom has cooked for me before and it’s always yummy. Paired with his Fiancée Aisha’s skills, the pair are unstoppable!

One of my favourite things about the Bistro, is that all ingredients they use are locally sourced. This means no imported meat and fish. It’s all from Devon and the UK. This is shown in the simple, well designed canvas stand.

The menu is simple. They have three dishes that they cook and lovingly prepare daily to serve to the willing public, ehem me! These change on a weekly basis to keep things interesting. All the dishes are served in a wrap or a brown baguette. They stick home-made sauces and sticky things in the wraps/baguettes to bring out the flavours and oh may, oh me, oh my I never expected the taste explosion that I experienced when I bit into my ‘All Beef’d Up’ wrap it was incredible. Creamy cheese, tangy chilli sauce, tasty slow cooked beef brisket – my mouth is genuinely watering thinking about it. I followed it up with one of their Bailey’s hot chocolates. Aisha was named one of the top Barista’s in the UK recently, so you KNOW the coffee/tea/hot chocolate she makes is going to be good (and it’s cheaper than Costa!)

Please go and visit them, they are doing so well at the moment but I would love for them to be able to bring their wonderful business to London. They are only around in the Guildhall for the Christmas market until the end of this month so hurry if you want to try it out!

If you are around in Exeter, which I know most of my friends are for Christmas (no excuses guys), please go and try them out. You can follow their great adventure on Twitter and Facebook.