Lee Stafford’s Moroccan Argan Oil

The day after the Company Magazine Christmas Party, my  hair was in need of some TLC. I dove into the goodie bag that I had been given and pulled out Lee Stafford’s Moroccan Argan Oil in its rather beautiful little bottle.

Look at it there nestled seductively in those pink Rose petals. Shaaaaamazing (As Miss Scherzinger would say).

The instructions say to spritz just a couple of drops into your hands, then run it through from the middle to the ends of the length of your hair. When your hair looks like this though after a wash, it can only get better right?

Spritzy spritzy!

Grab your hair dryer, turn your head upside down (I can’t be the only one to dry my hair like this?!) and blast away!

I’m totes getting the hang of this beauty post thing – don’t you think?!

When your hair is thoroughly dried, brush it through and shake it out.

Et Voila!

The oil left my hair feeling gorgeously silky, light and shiny. Even The Gentleman, in his hungover state, noticed something different – although he asked if I was wearing more make-up than usual… great.