Herts Xmas Blogger Party

Quite a few of you may have been to Scarlett’s previous event the #LdnBloggersParty, I unfortunately missed the boat. Therefore, although I am not exactly a Herts Blogger, I jumped at the opportunity to meet some more like-minded people. Scarlett, along with Sarah did an incredible job of hosting at Pizza Express in St Albans. Everything looked gorgeous. Presents on the table and endless bottles of Prosecco. Both girls had been expecting a lot more people, but a few were no-shows – note to everyone, if you’re not going to turn up to an event you’ve said yes to, you really should let the host know! I think Sarah and Scarlett were a little bit upset, although we hopefully cheered them up and in the end it was quite nice being a smaller group. It meant we could get to know one another a lot better.

The other attendees were the lovely; Bex, Lisa, Beth and Emily – go and have a look at their blogs!

When people that know me well see the image above; they will be shocked, confused and maybe a wee bit proud. You see I have a strong dislike to Pizza. Yes I know, I was in Pizza Express, what else would I have? But, I genuinely thought when I ordered that it would be a goats cheese, spinach and caramelised onion salad… I was wrong and I have to say I’m rather glad I was. It was incredible and I’m now rather craving it! (Yes, even after Christmas Day and Boxing Day!)

As I mentioned, we all left with some presents, Yankee candles and a bottle of perfume which is a surprisingly tasty scent! I say that, as the So…? Fragrances were smellies that, as a teenager, I would spray on as body spray rather than a ‘going out’ fragrance. It’s gorgeous! 

In 2014, I am very much looking forward to lots more Blogger meet ups and keep mentioning holding my own. Which I still want to do FYI! 

It’s just so lovely to chat love, life, fashion, beauty, work and babies with similar girlies! 

Thanks again Sarah (it can’t have been easy to wrap all those presents so beautifully) and Scarlett for all your hard work AND for letting me come even though I’m really a London Blogger!