Company Christmas Party 2013

Being just a little blogger, it’s great when I get invited along to events! When the invite for the Company Christmas Party popped into my inbox, I snapped up my tickets as quick as you can say ‘party’. I only wish more bloggers had known about it. I thought it would be packed. I figured that blog or no blog, everyone that was on the Company mailing list had been invited. And tickets were only £20!!

After The Gentleman so graciously declined my invite to come with me, I dragged Fay along with me instead. Match made in heaven, we had a blast!

Starting with a drink, as all good stories do, we grabbed our wristbands and explored the event area!

After getting some pictures done in front of the Company back screen, we found ourselves in beauty heaven…

Immediately, we were ushered towards some seats and sat down. Our hair was attacked with tongs and spray and we loved every second of it!

The lovely lot from Headmasters did a fantastic job – not that I’ll ever be able to recreate what they did to my hair!

Then it was over to the ladies at Mac, to try to save my face.

Needless to say, we were both feeling exceptionally pampered. Especially as we’d both come from work so were already jealous of everyone’s sequin dresses!

Moving on, we said our thank you’s and found the New Look Wardrobe next door, with their picks of the best outfits for the Winter Season;


After a bit more posing, we popped downstairs to sample the bar before mingling and making some new friends;

The Bar staff from Liquidchefs were incredible! Super friendly and knew exactly what they were doing, we managed to befriend Adam, who took us under his wing and created our very own cocktail for us after the Mali-Bellini ran out.

We weren’t stupid, I know my alcohol – It was blatantly the Strawberry and Lychee Cooler with alcohol added… We sampled the Mali-Colada too for a bit of variety, although the Cooler looked awesome whilst it was being made!

Whilst on our loop of the room, we bumped into a gorgeous blogger – whom I knew I recognised – turns out it was only the lovely Megan from Briar Rose! I have many a time lusted over her Wedding photos, which is where I recognised her from! She was attending with the lovely Georgie (who also happened to be one of her bridesmaids) and Adora from Adora Mehitabel who looked stunning in a Dorothy inspired Red Sequin number.

I managed to ask a few people for pictures of their incredible outfits, including the gorgeous Kayla from her namesake blog

Fay and I went over to chat to some girls whose outfits we had been eyeing up all evening, the beautifully elegant Naomi from Two Shoes, One Pair and her partner in crime for the evening Lottie.

We all joined forces to dance the night away, try on stupid outfits, meet other lovely bloggers and drink the bar dry.

We made serious use of the Photo booth too, along with Alice – I’m sure there is plenty of evidence of this on other social media sites!

Beautiful live music was provided by Findlay between swigs of beer obviously!

Then it was time to seriously hit the dancefloor – along with the girls from Company!

It was such an incredible night, Fay and I had so much fun. Big big thanks to all of the guys at Company for their incredibly hard work. New Look for providing us with some gorgeous fashion inspiration, Mac for making sure we looked good, Headmasters for sorting my hair out and to the guys at Liquidchefs for giving us severe Malibu heads the next day!