Walking the Heath

The Gentleman needs regular walks (he’s very energetic and gets hyper constantly) oh his surname also happens to be Heath – what better place to have just around the corner to take him for his regular walkies than Hampstead Heath?!

We are so lucky now that we’ve moved to North London (I’ll keep saying it, not going to stop smiling as I do either) we are so close to both Hampstead Heath and the centre of London now we can be 20 minutes to Oxford Street or 20 minutes to the countryside! We’ve made so many friends already…

There’s a lady on the heath that we got chatting to, after spying her cuddling and kissing one of the squirrels. She has been coming to the Heath for a while and feeding the squirrels, over time they’ve become so used to her you can see them running down the trees and surrounding her as soon as she draws out her ‘nut bag’. They clamber all over her, running up her legs and nestling in her hood for cuddles. It’s amazing to watch, I’ve never seen a wild animal act like that – even the robin comes and sits on her finger taking nuts and seeds from her fingers while she strokes his head.

Before finding this lady and her squirrel friends, we went for a bit of afternoon tea. People that know me will know that this is my favourite meal of the day, if I could only have one meal for the rest of my life it would be afternoon tea!

And seriously, when you have things like COOKIE DOUGH CHEESECAKE how could it not be your favourite meal?

Have you ever seen a bigger smile from The Gentleman?

It’s like walking into a giant greenhouse, the glass panels are huge so it feels like autumn while you’re eating your cake in the warmth of the building overlooking the Heath.

If you are going to eat a huge slice of cookie dough cheesecake, you really should walk it off afterwards!

The best thing is, they have a mini zoo on the Heath!

They even have Kookaburras, I didn’t even know this was a real creature. I thought it was made up from that song ‘Kookaburra sits in the old gum treeee, merry merry king of the bush is heeee…’ no? Just me? Ok.

The Heath is such a beautiful tranquil place to go, we’re so lucky to have it so close to our new home! Do you live near Hampstead/North London? Where are the hidden gems we need to go to?!