Simple and quick autumn nails

Beauty isn’t something I usually post about, but I do try to take care of myself. Before I moved to London I thought I was high maintenance; I’d always blow-dry my hair, never leave the house without my nails painted and always be the most dressed up for occasions. Saying that, I’d never heard of cleanser and toner, never moisturised and as soon as I was home, I’d kick off the heels and run about in the garden with the dogs and pull on my welly boots to go cuddle the chickens.

London didn’t quite get to me, until I found myself Managing a beauty salon. The girls were shocked that I didn’t cleanse and hadn’t ever touched my eyebrows (I figured they were blonde, people could barely see them right?!) but my nails were always something I would do – a girl always looks polished, wearing polish!

I had about 100 nail polishes (that’s not a joke, they’re still in my bedroom in Devon) now, I have just 6.

Therefore, I’m always looking for different ways to wear the shades;

Take my favourite summer shade – Barry M in Coral

And my little friend Rimmel Rock your Colour Glitter Topcoat in 002 Disco Gold this little gem is incredible. It’s so quick drying that it dries the coat underneath in record time – about 60 seconds. which is perfect when you want a good finish but don’t have the time. 

Mix them together and it gives the perfect autumnal/Christmassy finish for the party season.

Have you got any simple ways to make your summer shades go further? I refuse to wear black on my nails – sparkly black, ok – but it’s too depressing even if it is winter!