Friends & Food

When two of my best friends got in touch to say they were up in London for a while, of course I jumped at the chance to have them stay over.

All of my friends are at University, whilst I decided to do things differently and get a job out of school. This means that I barely ever get to see them – although we have a pretty exciting ball to go to soon which I shall tell you all about!

Harriet, Rach and I chucked on some clothes after a few drinks and headed out. The only photos I got are below…


Until the night got decidedly fuzzy and I woke the next day with my head pounding, a dry mouth and a need for orange juice and pancakes with bacon and maple syrup.

The girls left at around mid day, and I dragged myself into the shower to try and make myself slightly presentable for the day ahead. I was honestly feeling so rough, I almost contemplated cancelling on my day date.

I say almost – how could I cancel on this little face?!

It’s Ibbs!! Firstly can I say that for everyone that doesn’t understand the ‘blogosphere’, this is what it’s all about. I ‘met’ Ibbs just over a year ago, and we’ve been friends ever since her first comment on my blog. Surprisingly, this is only the second time we’ve ever met! It was a long time coming as we had so much to catch up on.

After a quick Google, Ibbs found a cute little tea room on Kingly Street called Camellia’s Tea House. It was lovely, warm and welcoming! However, we did have a slightly strange experience when we sat down only to be asked ‘Sorry, has someone assigned this seat to you?’ – Umm no, please may we have permission to sit down? – The waitress brought us over some menus (I think we were supposed to wait to be seated, oops) Then, on asking whether it was all right for us to take photos I was told that I could only aim my lens in one direction, towards the cafe – I didn’t ask why I couldn’t take pictures of the fabulous teas they had on display, but I am curious – free publicity after all!

Regardless, we had a lovely time and ended up sitting there for a good few hours. Ibbs went for the full works; Apricot Tea with cake, sandwiches and scones on a layered turret. I was still struggling, so went for a simple cream tea with Earl Grey (how terribly Devonshire of me).

How can anyone resist a pot of tea with a mini teapot on the top?!

Strange look for a strange shaped cup – oriental style!!

I’m so glad I didn’t bail – I left our tea date minus a hangover, and felt thoroughly refreshed! It’s always so lovely to catch up with people that have such similar likes and dislikes. Ibbs is such a positive person and knows exactly what she wants from life. I’m sure you’ll be seeing many more of our adventures together in the future!