These boots were made for walking…

Not so long ago, I posted my #Fit For Festive Fashion mood boards to give everyone a sneaky peak into DUO’s new party range. The other night was the pre-launch of the collection which meant bubbles, nibbles, bloggers and some brilliantly influential women.

I (for once in my life) was early to the event, and stood slightly awkwardly outside the doors waiting for them to open. I could already see the promise of a glass of champagne and lots of gift bags by the door. Met by Jem McNulty (Head of design for DUO) I stood chatting over everyone’s framed mood boards along with the lovely Grace, discussing life and fashion.

See my little beauty on the right!

Before long, there was a louder buzz around the room as it filled with more bloggers all chattering away and swapping stories. Myself along with a couple of other girls decided to play a game of ‘match the mood board to the blogger,’ which I turned out to be exceptionally good at!

And then it was time for a bit of a chat. The gorgeous and talented Laura Puddy (writes Catwalk to Curvy for Cosmo) took us through her career highlights, as well as what it’s like to work with DUO and I have to admit I have now become somewhat of a fan of her and her work. An incredibly enthusiastic person and all round lover of life, she has so many projects she’s working on and is such a great promoter of a healthy body image!

The Lovely Laura chatting away to us

Then, it was Jem’s turn to chat; we got a full brief on what inspires her throughout every season, and the lowdown on her ‘naughty’ addition of the Vespa boot last minute into the party collection. I was incredibly surprised to learn that she had been terrified of speaking beforehand, as she was brilliant. So eloquent and seemingly confident. If she could dress one person in DUO’s shoes? “Definitely Kate Middleton, she has great style but I’d love to put her in some of our shoes to give her that edge.”

Unfortunately, I didn’t win the competition but the lovely Aimee from Clones and Clowns did so deservingly!

As if spending an evening mingling with some lovely bloggers wasn’t enough, we were all given a goody bag with a beautiful pair of DUO shoes in. Thanks so much for such a fabulous evening DUO and Octane and for my beautiful Farrow Boots.