The Living Room

Heddon Street is probably my favourite place to eat and drink in London. Nestled just off Regents Street, it is home to some of the best bars and restaurants in the City. Here lies – The Living Room. It’s part of a chain – yeah yeah, I know that’s the devil’s word but it’s a great chain! Firstly it’s individual, the cocktails take you on a trip around the world in various flavours and countries, the food is affordable, and the service is great and not at all pretentious! Also if you visit, please go to the toilets. They are incredible. Hidden bookcase is all I shall say about that!

We traipsed down after work one night after pausing at The Warwick to meet Ben and Aimee who had both just come from exciting days. Ben may even be modelling for a very well known online Fashion company, very soon! (stay tuned, I’ll keep you updated.)

I had been there for drinks before, but had never tried the food – how had I never tried the food?!

You will know how bad I am at choosing by now, I failed again and got the Pick ‘n’ mix miniature burgers under the ‘Sliders’ menu.

The boys both went for the TLR Classic.

And Aimee lost out… If I’m honest, I don’t even know what she ordered… but it looked like this.

We actually laughed as the waiter brought it to the table. He nervously giggled, but still placed it in front of her. We thought he was joking!

Then, on to dessert – Oh Mother of all sweet things we did good… Say hello to the Grande Dessert (go on, I know you wanna say it in a French accent!)

To finish off a perfect evening, we decided to go for the Gin Picnic Hamper. A beautiful wicker basket containing a teapot filled with Gin Cocktail and four mini jam flavours, along with four jam jars filled with ice to concoct our potions in;

I’ll stop the pictures here… the night got slightly messy here on out! It always does, when these two are involved!