Ping Pong

I have incredibly exciting news – the Gentleman and I have found a beautiful little apartment in Belsize Square to rent. We popped over to Marylebone to sign our contract and while we were there, we popped to Ping Pong for a spot of lunch.

When we walked in, we asked the barman if we could have a table – at the time, please bare in mind my mother had her foot in a giant hospital boot – he told us there were no tables free and we would have to wait for one. We went outside and found a waiter with some common sense, who asked us to take a seat at a table that wasn’t in use until our table was free. He was actually lovely. He sat us down, brought us menus and water immediately and five minutes later – he came back to take our order.

The food came just 10 minutes after we ordered, and my goodness we ordered well! So much food I felt like my trousers might split across my stomach.

I wouldn’t be able to tell you exactly what we ate, but just look at the pictures… (there was a lot of Dim Sum involved)

The afternoon was spent perusing the local shops. I had never been down the highstreet there, but they have some incredible things to see. A bookshop that seemingly never ends in the most beautiful building – If I ever have a huge house, I will create a library like that and fill it with huge dusty old books. A stunning baby shop – whose clothes my children WILL wear (when I have enough money to purchase mini trench coats at £1,500 a pop!) And insanely ingenious homeware shops – filled with useless inventions that people with more money than sense fill their homes with.

At that moment in time, I couldn’t be happier. A new place to live, is only the start of our new beginnings.

My smile says it all really…