You may have noticed that The Gentleman and I recently took a little trip to Shoreditch to have a rifle through a sample sale for Reiss. I picked up some stunning items, but didn’t try everything on so unfortunately some things didn’t quite fit (you can find them here)!

I’ll be showing the ones that did very soon in a suitable outfit post!

I don’t know about you, but shopping makes me incredibly peckish. The best place when you’re in a hurry but want quality over quantity is the Boxpark in Shoreditch. It offers fast, good tasting food with an exceptionally small price tag!

Introducing Pieminister!

Now ok, I know it’s been around for ages – I’m just slow to the uptake! But why am I so slow, these are incredible. Honestly, who thought a pie could be so amazing, so mouthwatering, so angelically sinful, so beautifully crumbly on the outside with such a beautifully rich meaty centre? You think I’m getting carried away, but I’m really not! Just look at him, nestled amongst that beautifully smooth, creamy mashed potato… (yes I know that’s a  lot of the word ‘beautiful’ in just a few sentences, but it truly is just that!)

It’s safe to say, we left as two VERY satisfied customers!