Cosmo and Momo’s

As a day early Birthday present for Sophie, we took her along to a Cosmopolitan Careers Talk. I’ve already talked about them loads in previous posts, so I’ll wrap it up in a few pictures.

It was a great event, so well run as per usual and was based on a Career in the Fashion industry which was so useful to all of us.

After all that sitting in silence, our stomachs were starting to rumble. We had a quick chat to the panel afterwards, I had a great chat with Louise about potentially doing work experience… watch this space!

One of my favourite restaurants in London for its decoration, atmosphere and staff is Momo’s. If you’ve never been, you have to go. I’ve blogged it before, at around the same time, when I went with the beautiful Miss Jennifer.

You are coaxed in behind the huge foliage to the smell of shisha bubbling away on the patio. Bypass the restaurant and pop into the cosy Mo’cafe next door. Perching on the stools or sofas, you take your seat in front of a big gold tray table. Hanging above you are hundreds of lamps dangling silently from the ceiling. You’re even welcome to take one home with you at a price.

With the candles flickering patterns against the walls, your drinks arrive. Naturally, the Momopolitan and the fruity cocktail that the waiter chooses for you. The food is placed in front of you. A Mezze platter to share between the three of you.

All of it delicious, you fill up on the bread and hummus that comes with it. And love every minute of the conversation with your companions.

Before you go, it’s obligatory to nip to the loo to test the facilities. You can always tell a place by how they do their loos. It’s an area that more often than not is overlooked. Not here though, not an ornament out of place they keep it with the theme.

A mirror on the ceiling?!