Burger and Lobster

Yes, I know – yet ANOTHER restaurant post! Hehe, you should see my belly to match it at the moment!

First though, I have the pleasure of announcing that my beautiful sister Sophie has started her very own blog. She’s got way better style and is known amongst my friends as the ‘cool’ sister. I would really appreciate it if you could all stop by and introduce yourselves to her, as I know she’s finding it difficult to find some quality blogs to follow at the moment!

Her blog is called S.MAIL which stands for ‘Sophie. My Adventures In Life’ which (as you can probably guess) is a lifestyle blog. She’s just finished school, just turned 19, just started a gap year and just been offered her first job as Manager of a Bar in Exeter (Devon).

On her actual birthday this year, we decided to stop at Burger and Lobster in Mayfair for their infamous two piece menu. Of course, my family being from Devon and all, when my mother was handed the menu which was solely filled with drinks she asked our lovely waitress ‘Oh, but we wanted to eat here – do you not have a food menu?’ *True Homer Simpson slap-your-head-while-saying-DOH moment*

The incredible waitress turned to her in her American drawl and explained ‘Ma’am, we have two dishes; Lobster or Burger. You may have a Lobster in a bun, or Lobster in a shell, and the burger cooked to your liking. Everything is £20’

For my mother, having grown up on Lobster living in France and during her twenty’s as a London Socialite, this was a real treat. Lobster was always something that she had been served as an exceptionally special treat, with Champagne and Caviar. For £20 quid, there had to be a catch.

I have never been served so quickly in my entire life! I nipped to the loo when we received our ice cold bottle of Vino, and by the time I came back, the food was on the table. When I say food I mean FOOD. Everything is huge. Not like these little ‘taster’ menus, you get the whole thing. A huge juicy burger with a bucket of salad and a similar bucket of chips on the side all served in paper on a silver platter.

Apart from the small fact that they make you wait until exactly mid day before you can enter (again not good for my mum with her bad leg) they get you in, seated and done in record time!

The food really is incredible – such a great way to do a menu. Instead of having hundreds of different dishes, doing just two, but doing them really well is a winner in my books. The waitress explained that they go through about 400 lobsters a day, which arrive fresh and are kept in an aquarium at the back until the Chef is ready to prepare them. I was surprised to learn that they don’t have a barn full of cows out the back too… (you can’t have everything!)

The atmosphere in the place is extremely buzzy – filled (surprisingly) with men in suits doing business and humming with tourists. The staff don’t seem to mind though, and bounce off the energy in the room. It’s such a bright and lively place with amazing food, it’s difficult not to leave with a smile on your face!

When they asked us what the occasion was, we said it was Sophie’s Birthday. When we had finished our meal, they brought out a couple of mini puddings with a candle in the middle – a yummy Panna Cotta topped with Rhubarb crumble and a syrup flapjack. They were incredible and such a lovely touch to a gorgeous meal. Thanks for having us Burger and Lobster team!