From the South of Spain to the South of England

Just as quickly as we got to Spain, it was time to leave again. In a flurry of a beautiful sunset and a morning packing, we suddenly found ourselves standing in the freezing cold at Gatwick airport. Everyone was wearing black and it was raining. Sympathetic background eat your heart out! After a plane, train and taxi through the rain, we were back home and in bed. I barely closed my eyes, before the alarm was waking us up and we were back on a train again.

This time, we were heading to the Shire for a very special Birthday celebration.

Happy Birthday Harriet!

She did actually look gorgeous on the night… I just happened to get her at a crazy ‘I’m dancing to Justin Bieber and I love it (even if I’m in my twenty’s)’ moment…

Me and Lucy
Alice and Lucy
Me, The Gentleman, Hen and Bella
The Birthday Girl and her Daddy

So, I may not have taken the best photos, but it was so lovely to catch up with so many old friends. I’ve known Harriet since we both started school at the age of 7, we’ve been through many good times together and just as many bad times but we’re still really good friends. It was so much fun to dress up for the occasion, even if it was a mission to get there (don’t ask) and my Dad was a hero stepping in at the last minute to lend The Gentleman his best Black Tie suit.

So many of my friends are turning the ripe old age of 21 in the coming months, and I can not wait to spend loads of time with them. I’m going to have to start getting creative with my outfit choices!

That reminds me, thanks to my gorgeous sister Sophie for lending me the dress for the night!