# Fit For Festive Fashion

Finding a pair of shoes that look gorgeous is easy. Finding a pair of shoes that look gorgeous AND you can wear them all day AS WELL AS having a heel? Coming from a girl that wears heels on a daily basis, I’d say that’s pretty damn impossible!

But wait, there is hope! AND you can wear them from day to night. DUO tailor make their gorgeous designs, ensuring they have your exact measurements to bring you perfect fitting shoes every time.

With a chance to win the opportunity to style the Christmas windows for DUO, I thought I’d put my creative hat on and get window shopping for a perfect party season outfit. I failed. I found TWO instead…oops!

I’ve chosen two looks that I think showcase the shoes from the Limited Edition Party Collection, as well as keeping the looks on trend and seasonal. I don’t mean seasonal as in the ‘C’ word, we’re a long way off December! However, I don’t know about you, but as the weather gets colder my party spirit starts to appear!

As I was once told by Mariella Tandy (Retail Editor for Tatler) black is a colour only suited to a limited number of people. Although it may look slimming, it just as often drowns people out. Mix it up with some different colours and textures however, and you can create a show-stopping look.

This look featuring the Anjelica Black Baroque Suede Heels

Lace Trimmed Bodysuit by Malene Birger for Net-A-Porter
Full Midi Skirt in Peach by ASOS
The Anjelica Black Baroque Suede Heels by DUO
Embellished Clutch by  River Island
Pearl Drop Earrings in Peach by Topshop

The beautiful midi skirt is bang on trend, as well as keeping the outfit classy by giving what could be a slightly risqué outfit the elegance it deserves. The heels add an extra texture, while linking the top and bottom half of the outfit with the clutch and earrings giving the whole look that added sparkle!

This look featuring The Anjelica Pink Suede Heels

Draped Pink Top by Vivienne Westwood for Net-A-Porter
Mesh Midi Skirt by ASOS
Black and Gold Atec Earrings by ASOS
Gold Belt by River Island
The Anjelica Pink Suede Heels by DUO

I can’t believe how perfectly this top and the shoes work together. With the longer ballerina skirt chucked in, the whole look is toughened up – but still kept classic and classy. The gold earrings and belt bring the whole outfit together while adding an extra dimension to the look.

So, which one do you prefer?

P.S.Have you looked at the website, which is your favourite pair?