The Mad Hatter’s Tea Party

Once upon a time, not long ago, there were 6 thoroughly English girls. They had one thing in common; they all loved adventures and telling stories of their own adventures through life. One long hot summers day, Lotti got in touch with the rest of us to tell us a story. It was about an incredible tea party with exciting twists and turns, we were told to arrive at W1T 3NG and ‘don’t be late’ she exclaimed.

I ran to the rabbit hole and shot down the tube as fast as I could possibly go, emerging into the blinkingly bright light of the summer’s day. Looking left and right, I could have sworn I saw a flash of a white bushy tail and a little glint of a pocket watch disappear around the corner. I tinkered after it and found myself in front of some big glass doors with the words; The Sanderson scribed across the side of the building. I smoothed down the pleats of my dress, took a deep breath and walked into the cool blast of air that hit me as the porter opened the doors and directed me towards the bar.

There were five familiar faces smiling over cocktails, none of which I had ever actually met before, but all of which seemed like solid friends. That’s the beauty of the blogger world. There are friends waiting for you to find them, you just have to make that little bit of effort and out they pop from the blogosphere! Meet the girls. From left to right; Lotti, Emily, Caroline, Ibbs, me obviously and Katie.

Borrowed from Caroline’s Blog

Stepping through the glass doors, we were hit by the heat of the afternoon sun in much the same way as the blast of air con that had struck me before. We had stepped through to paradise. Water trickled through jagged rocks, evaporating into the heat of the day, while the green parakeets of London screeched overhead. We settled down and were greeted by The Cheshire Cat, he seemingly appeared out of nowhere to explain the delights of the afternoon tea. 

Borrowed from Caroline’s blog

We inhaled the scents of the tea; Apple Pie, Rhubarb & Custard, Mint Chocolate Chip and Strawberries & Cream, whilst admiring the fine tableware by Luna & Curious.

We settled down with out afternoon reads and were shocked to discover menus hidden inside.

And sugar cubes hidden within vintage music boxes.

And then, out came the layers of cakes and piles of sandwiches delicately arranged and placed in front of us in silence.

The best thing about having tea with blogger friends? This.

Borrowed from Caroline’s Blog

I made sure that I was sitting next to Ibbs, she was my very first blog follower (other than my mum) and we had a lot of catching up to do!

Borrowed from Caroline’s Blog

 And she made sure she brought her infamous Lobster with her.

These girls have been integral to the growth of my blog, and have given me constant support through their comments and their own blog posts. With incredible recipes, ideas for places to go out, fashion and beauty posts, they constantly keep my online appetite hungry. Please do go and check them out!

P.s. I am back! After a bit of a lengthy blogger break, due simply to the fabulous British weather we’ve been experiencing, I’m back in the game and I have lots of exciting things coming up to keep you all entertained!