Dinner for one.

Like a sad little lemon, Saturday become the first night The Gentleman and I would spend apart in… well… I don’t even know how long. I planned a night out with Jenny, who I haven’t been out with since here! I was a really bad friend and bailed on her last minute, deciding to stay at home instead.

It was such a beautiful evening; the cold grocery bags banged against my legs, as the heat of the sun beat down.

I arrived home and emptied my shopping onto the kitchen table. Setting the pan on the gas straight away, I set myself the task of cooking something luxuriously naughty but secretly healthy.

Bacon and Scallops on a bed of Spinach

Red Leicester Cheese



Spinach leaves

Cherry tomatoes

Pine Nuts and Sunflower seeds

Balsamic Vinegar

(In whichever order you like, in any quantity you feel like)

Fry off your bacon in their own fat (never any reason to put oil in the pan with bacon)

Grate your cheese using a peeler (it’s far more sophisticated daaahlinggg)

Fry off your scallops until they’re golden brown on the outside – be careful not to overcook them, you don’t want to be eating boiled fish eyeballs. Which is what these can taste like, if you over-do it!

Toast your sunflower seeds and pine nuts in a clean, dry pan until orangey-brown on the outside.

Grab your favourite candle and a brand new book, then spread everything out in the garden (or just open all your windows and pretend you’re outside.)

Kick off your shoes…

And tuck in.

Joe’s Cocktails are my new favourite weekend staple. Don’t tell anyone, but they’re 4 for £6 at Tesco at the moment.

Fresh strawberries are a necessity.

Or try the Blackberry and Pear Vodka Fizz. Mmmm.

It was so lovely being out in the garden, soaking up the last of the evening rays whilst getting completely lost in a new novel. I won’t recommend it yet as I’m not that far through it, but I shall let you know how I get on.

By far, the best part of my night was when I was half way through an epic film, and the living room door opened with The Gentleman standing there ready to curl up on the sofa with me. I didn’t have to spend the night on my own in the end after all. I’m one very lucky Lady, indeed.