Dill Salmon

Eating Healthy. Yawn.

Stop. NO! Eating Healthy is fun, and tasty – oh gad, I sound like an American Children’s TV presenter… But seriously, with food like this,  it’s so easy to eat healthy because it turns boring ingredients into something yummy.

My problem with eating healthy food is that I eat twice as much of it before I feel full, therefore do not lose any weight and don’t really get any of the benefits! This recipe is filling and surprisingly tasty as well as being cheap. That’s another thing, it’s really difficult to find cheap healthy foods. The Gentleman and I have given in to just buying meat and veg now. The only carby food we eat is Sweet Potato, which is a pretty good substitute if you ask me!

Plus, it takes minutes to make. Quick tasty food is the best!


1 red pepper
A handful of Dill
Two Salmon Fillets
2 eggs
Mixed Quinoa and Bulgur Wheat
A handful of Cherry Tomatoes
Two portions green beans

Preheat the oven to roughly 180, although depending on the fish you are using, cooking time and temperature may vary.

Don’t put anything on your fish, just pile the dill high, chuck a load of cherry tomatoes in, and a handful of chopped pepper. Then wrap in tin foil as a little parcel, and pop in the oven for 18-20 minutes.

Cook your beans until they’re al dente, then smother them in butter (that’s still healthy right?!)

If you buy the Quinoa from Tesco, it literally takes 2 mins in the microwave and that’s it!

Poach your eggs (for the simple reason that they look prettier…)

Place the Quinoa on the plate first, pile the salmon on top with the dill and spread the pepper and tomatoes around the plate. Serve with your poached egg and green beans and there you have it, one heck of a healthy meal!