A really vague recipe on how to make a Chocolate Rolo Cake

The Gentleman turned to me the other day and said ‘It’s my boss’ birthday tomorrow’ I literally leapt off the sofa and exclaimed ‘Have you even bought him anything, a card at least?’ ‘No?!’ was the answer I received.

I could not believe it. My pink apron tightly wrapped around me, I set to work. What could I make that would be work appropriate and not too try hard?

Chocolate Rolo Cake

First, you’ll need some Rolos, chocolate and you need to bake a cake.

I used my fool-proof sponge recipe. In my humble opinion, everyone should know how to make a sponge cake from scratch and from memory. How could you not, it’s soo simple!

8oz Margerine
8oz Self Raising Flour
8oz Caster Sugar
4 eggs

If you’re making a chocolate cake, just take out 2oz Self Raising Flour and replace it with 2oz Cocoa Powder.

Whisk together your sugar and Margerine

Beat in the eggs
Fold in the flour (and Cocoa powder if using)

Split between two sandwich tins and put in the oven at 180 degrees for 20-25 minutes.

The great thing is that this recipe is so versatile, and can be adapted any way you want.

The one tip I will give you, that will make your cakes irresistibly moist (that word is awful but is there really a replacement?!) wrap your cakes in clingfilm. As soon as they’re out the oven and cool enough to touch, wrap them up and let them cool that way!

I chose to do a simple chocolate fudge icing with a jam centre.

Jam, pretty simple. I’m sure it would be far too patronising explaining how to put that in the centre.

Right, to do the icing I’m going to be quite vague. When it works, it works but I never really take note of what I do. Firstly, I always melt a bar of chocolate though – it soothes the soul and looks soo lusciously amazing. Just add a male model with muscles to cut cheese, and some strawberries. You feeling the vibe now? Mmmmm.

Melt that chocolate up with some butter over a pan of boiling water (roughly 1oz butter for every 100g chocolate) and add a splash of milk if it curdles. You know it’s curdled if it’s not smooth. You want to keep it thick though so that it will harden over the cake, so if it’s too liquid, add some icing sugar and Bob’s your uncle.

Voilà! There  you have it. Now just decorate with the Rolos – how easy was that?!

The best part? I had an email from The Gentleman’s boss the next day saying that he loved the cake and it was all demolished in the office! Success!