Spoilt little Lady

You know when something good happens, and then something else good happens as a result of that good thing and then it leads to a chain reaction of more good things happening…

That’s been happening to me recently. My mum forwarded a card that had been delivered to my Devon home and after two weeks of being lost in space, it finally arrived! It turns out it was a belated birthday card with a cheque in it from some amazing family friends.

Then I popped down to Devon for the weekend, and received a present from my Mum’s Boss (who just so happens to be a Lady which ultimately means great taste, right?!)

A gorgeous bimba & lola vanity pouch from the Arizona Collection – haven’t quite decided whether to use it as a clutch, makeup bag, vanity case, jewellery case… what do you guys think?

Today I got a package at work! It was from the recruitment company that placed me in my current job. Tiger – they went above and beyond to place me and I’m really happy where I am. I can’t recommend them enough.

As if getting me a job wasn’t enough, they give me an incredible package from Cocoa Loco. Full to the brim of tasty treats!!

Hope you’re all having a lovely week, Happy Wednesday!!