Pain Au Chocolat – The easy way

Who doesn’t love a gorgeous steaming hot Pain Au Chocolat in the morning, fresh from the oven?

While The Gentleman and I were at my family home in Devon for the weekend ‘Dog Sitting’ I got a text from my Mum;

There is some Pain Au Chocolat mix in the fridge, for your breakfast tomorrow. 

I was completely bemused… Until I saw this.

Now, don’t get me wrong I’m not THAT slow on the uptake, I’ve had the croissant versions of these before and they’re good.

But these are better.

Jus-Roll have done one up on themselves with these little beauties, and it’s so simple!

Just twist open the can.

Lay a chocolate piece on either end.

Roll both sides inwards.

Brush with a bit of egg.

Wack in the oven for 12 minutes.

Pop in a basket, and watch the impressed face of your boyfriend as you present to him the remnants of your labour.

Just keep it our little secret how you did it!