Just outside Glastonbury

While everyone else was partying at Glastonbury, we were just around the corner in Wells enjoying our own musical feast. As a little summer celebration, my brothers school decided to hold a Jazz picnic. A feast for the ears and mouths.

The Gentleman and I did it as a road trip, with my sister Lilidh driving us to Wells from Devon. We left waay too early for a Sunday morning but sang along in the car to radio 1.

When we got to Wells, my parents and younger sister Sophie were already there. Cheltenham Ladies School (where my sister goes) had the 6th Form Leavers Ball the night before and as a result my mum and sister both looked exceptionally worse for wear. – I have NEVER seen my mother that hung-over!

The Gentleman and I popped off into Wells town centre, to admire the gorgeous town with my Dad.

 Quick fun fact: Wells is where most of the filming for the movie ‘Hot Fuzz’ took place!

We were on the hunt for doughnuts to cure the hung-over ladies… unfortunately, we didn’t find any. Empty handed, we trudged back to the school’s marquee where Josie had turned up with baskets full of Waitrose food.

We popped open the bubbly, opened up our ears and ate the delicious food.

The Sparkling wine is an English wine made in Cornwall on the Vineyard that my sister is working at for the summer. You can visit them and hear some of her expertly learned knowledge on wines throughout the summer. Find the website here.

And who knew you could make a turtle from the cap of a champagne bottle?!

My brother did an incredible job in the band on the trumpet. Although I wouldn’t expect anything else from him, to my knowledge he has surpassed all the grades possible – makes me wish I had stuck at an instrument!

When we’d eaten, the music got louder (Mother’s headache got worse) people started dancing and the laughing intensified.

I love days like this, when you don’t have to impress anyone. You can just sit and enjoy everyone’s company – the only problem is that these days go by so quickly!

Before we knew it, The Gentleman and I were sitting on the train back to London… although at least we had Game of Thrones and Caramel Nibbles to get us through it!