Our First Family BBQ

This weekend was our first full weekend in the new house. If you’ve been reading this for a while, you’ll know I like to party; Cue perfect excuse to have loads of friends ’round for a ‘house warming.’ I lie, it was SUPPOSED to be a boys get together but the fact that our friend Ben brought his amazing girlfriend Aimee along meant that just us two were loud enough to outnumber the boys!

Now you know those people you meet once, click with immediately and don’t look back? Aimee is one of those people. This was just the second time we’d ever met, but it was exactly like the first. Full of gossip and lots of drinking. Oops.

I went for a grey maxi, my staple black wedge shoes and a statement necklace.

Necklace – Primark for Oxford Street,  Dress – H&M and Shoes – Office 

The boys took over the Barbie, while we dove into Champagne and Pimms. I took some pictures before the drinks took me.

Ben’s friend Mike brought some home-made sausage rolls! I was incredibly impressed!

It was a gorgeously sunny day; clear blue skies, blazing sunshine and lovely people.

And then, our Romanian next door neighbours came over. They brought ‘a bottle of something home-made my grandma sent over’ everyone’s eyebrows shot up. It smelt like nail polish remover and was completely clear. Then someone had a fantastic idea to play spin the bottle with it – the usual rules did not apply. This was simple (we realised why after the first shot) spin the bottle and if it lands on you – you take a shot then you get to spin again.

It was disgusting – but it was nice of our neighbours to bring their last bottle over as a welcome.

I fell asleep at 8pm*, while everyone else took the party to the local establishments. It didn’t make my pounding head any better the next day.

*After a few of my friends read this post, they couldn’t help but correct me and let me know I was  actually in bed by 5pm…