Company Blogger Forum 2013

The Company Blogger Forum happens every year, it just so happens that I’ve only just heard of it.. hello late on the band wagon!

In true ‘me’ fashion, I had a call at 18.08pm from The Gentleman saying ‘Just realised I have your bank card, do you need it?’ I was in the middle of pulling my skirt on; while throwing everything from the bed into a Mulberry tote and rubbing the fake tan streaks into my legs. Classy. Passing The Gentleman at our gate, it was a kiss on the cheek while I tried to totter down the road without breaking my ankle. – Should I mention at this point that the event was due to start at 18.30? Mistake number 1.

When I got on the tube, I decided it would be an excellent time to start painting my nails. Mistake number 2.

I arrived at my tube stop and hopped in a cab, only to be told that my destination was 5 minutes ’round the corner. Cue, hopping back out of the cab, much to everyone standing on the pavement’s amusement. Mistake number 3.

I then rushed down the street, to try to get to the event on time. I suddenly heard a little voice behind me from a fabulously dressed young lady ‘I think you’re going to the same thing as me… are you lost too?’

Yes, In fact I am. (Mistake number 4) We both piled in through the doors as a new blogouple (That’s blogger friend couple FYI)

We were handed a glass of something alcoholic – lovely – and led straight into the lecture theatre. I was stopped by a lovely young gentleman who informed me that I had left the price stickers on the bottom of my shoes. Can I make any more mistakes?!

Yes. Apparently, I can basically completely forget I even brought my camera with me! Hence, the blatant lack of photos… sorry.

The Forum was brilliant. I have to admit though, they said all the things that I’d heard before. Really, I had gone to meet some exciting people (as well as Victoria White!!)

You can see some tips from the forum in the July issue of Company, so go out and grab it to get some good tips on boosting your blog!

In the mean time, here are the top three tips on improving it today;

1. Get social

  • Get Facebook, get Twitter, Instagram, Youtube – AND TALK TO PEOPLE! 
  • Don’t just sit there assuming people will come and look at your blog, they won’t. Leave comments on your favourites and tweet people.
  • If you write about a company,tell them – they’ll be pleased to hear it!

2. Research

  • Read up on HTML and coding and add some snazzy little gadgets to your blog.
  • Make sure you know about the subject you’re writing about – if someone sends you a press release, change it. No one wants to read a generic piece of writing. Yawn.

3. Check the detail.

  • If you’re going to do a beauty post, make sure everything looks beautiful. Simple. 
  • Too many times I’ve clicked on a ‘beauty review’ of a nail polish only to see it poorly applied or chipped.
  • It’s a similar deal with pictures. No one likes fuzzy, poor quality images. Camera phones are good quality these days, and digital cameras aren’t that expensive – it can change your entire blog!

Now,I’m not saying I’m a genius writer or that my blog is perfect. But, nobody ever told me these things and I wished they had when I started writing!

Susie from Style Bubble and Cathia from Jingle Jungle

We all received a goody bag packed full of lovely things.

The best part? This Temperley Filofax. I had been telling The Gentleman that I needed a new infill for my pink Filofax, as I absolutely despise using my iPhone as a diary. And then this little beauty comes into my life. Look out for a blog post entirely devoted to this divine little number soon!

Also, check out some of the FABULOUS bloggers and people I met at the Forum.

The super-cute Cathia from Jingle Jungle

The ‘legs up to here (gesture to neck height), when mine only come up to here (points to waist)’ Yasmine from Yazmataz

Wajeeda Yusef from Claire’s UK