Tiffany Bracelets and a Burrito

As the Gatsby Surprise Party was my third birthday celebration this year (any more to come?!) I got yet ANOTHER haul of lovely presents!

Cue an incredible friendship bracelet from my best friend, Jaime.

(P.S Ladies, he’s also a professional footballer AND he picks pretty good presents!)

The symbol means infinity, to symbolise an eternal friendship. Awww!

He also got me some Lush goodies, jewellery AND bath stuff? WIN!

Another present from Iaian, a little froglet.

Sophie and Ruairidh got me a see-through clutch. I’ve wanted one for literally ages!!

Lilidh and Fay (who you haven’t met yet, adopted sister) bought me some gorgeous Crabtree and Evelyn goodies.

I love everything, even my stunning cards!

The Gentleman and I have decided to head to his family home for the weekend, and took the train from Paddington yesterday lunchtime.

I was so hungry and fancied a Krispy Kreme. SHOCK HORROR the Krispy Kreme shop at Paddington is gone, does anyone know where it is or why? I may have to put up some ‘missing’ signs soon.

In its place though, Barburrito! An incredibly welcome replacement.

We chose a Chicken Burrito with brown rice, beans, mild spice, sour cream and lettuce. WOW.

We walked to our train (for once in a leisurely fashion, instead of Ben screaming at me to run in my heels and the suitcase falling apart behind us, while we dodge elderly people on their zimmer frames and tourists.) I had time to appreciate (for the first time ever) the hugeness (is that a word?) of Paddington station in all it’s glory. People, I need to look up more!

We set up our little Burrito to share, and dove in.

Now you see it…

Now you don’t.

It’s so nice to spend our last weekend, before moving in to the new house, at Ben’s parents’ house. Relaxing, and catching up on The Graham Norton Show.

I’ll leave with this, YOU HAVE TO CLICK IT, Will and Jayden Smith on The Graham Norton Show. Carlton and Jazz even make appearances!