THE dress and THE burger

How hot has it been this week? It’s making me so excited for summer, and today in London is supposed to be 22 degrees!

All I had in my wardrobe on Friday was jeans and tops and heavy wedges that look super pretty – but lets be honest they turn your feet into a sweaty mosh pit. I LIVE in heels, like literally give me a pair of the highest heels and I can totter around in them all day. But in the heat, my feet sweat, I’m a normal person. And plasters? Really aint that pretty if I’m honest. Therefore, the other day, I did it again. I succumbed to flats of the flip flop kind. I don’t know what’s happened to me. I think because Ben makes me feel so comfortable as a person, I have become more at ease with my height. After years of emotional distress over my height, it’s actually a really good feeling.

Anyway, so basically I had to go on the hunt for some flip flops and that meant having a look at the shops while I was there.

I found the most incredible dress in H&M, since when did they start making dresses like this?!

I fell in love with it, but unfortunately I needed the size below as it kept slipping down and it’s the last one. FYI, there is one size 10 left in H&M, Oxford St for £149! It was a shop exclusive so it isn’t even online. Gutted.

I also tried on this dress… which I couldn’t resist.

Dress – H&M

Sorry Mum, I know I said I wouldn’t buy anything but it was so cheap and looks really good and I wanted something to wear on my birthday. Don’t be mad. Please?

If you haven’t already, get down to the refurbished H&M and check it out. I felt like royalty, and that was just in the dressing room!

That evening, we met up with some friends and went to one of our favourite pubs in London for two-for-one cocktails. After way too many drinks and no food, we suddenly realised it was midnight. Definitely in need of some food, we headed into Soho to find something. I remembered I had seen a place before, always walked past it, and never actually stopped to go in. 

Ed’s Diner.

I’d like to think I’m one of these people that has the healthy option when I’m hungry and slightly under the influence. I’m really not. Diner’s are THE place to fill the hunger of the imminent hangover. FACT. 

Step aside Burger King, move over McDonalds, take a hike KFC, it’s all about the posh diner now. Burgers on plates, with ramekin dishes for your sauce. Yes please.

And look at the décor, it makes me feel like this.

Show me your happy face!

The food didn’t disappoint either! 

Check out the size of that!

The meal helped, but didn’t stop the hangover the next day (I really had forgotten what they feel like). Still on the quest to find that hangover prevention food or drink, any suggestions?