No, I haven’t got a new boyfriend. But, my mum has a restaurant crush. If you don’t know what a restaurant crush is, it’s a certain place that you fall in love with and keep returning to. Helplessly.

I first heard about Bill’s from miss India’s blog (here) and I felt bad admitting this to Muma DSF, as I felt I was destroying her secret! However, I had never physically been to Bill’s so it was a pleasure going with one of my favourite people.

As soon as I walked in, it reminded me of Tom’s (hello blast from the past!) This is chain style though. I’m absolutely LOVING gorgeous ‘different’ chain style restaurant’s at the moment, please say this is going to be the death of fast food restaurants. New trend alert!

It’s on Gandy Street in Exeter (I went home for a mini break) which, for all you Harry Potter fans, is where J. K. Rowling got the inspiration for Diagon Alley.

No potions for us. Although, with pots like these, we could have had any kind of liquid substance hidden beneath the lid!

Muma DSF had Darjeeling tea (oooh I saaaay) while I had English Breakfast (the posh way to say a Builder’s cuppa.) As hard as I try, I can’t stand herbal teas.

P.s. I think somebody got a spell wrong and shrunk the condiments… they’re soooo cute!!

I couldn’t resist the menu, you all know I can resist anything BUT temptation. Especially if temptation comes at about 4pm and consists of a little doughy slice, smothered in thick (heart attack inducing) clotted cream and fresh English strawberry jam. *please accompany viewing pictures with a harp playing in the background*

I thoroughly enjoyed them anyway.

Bill’s is filled to the brim with lots of incredible goodies, and the staff are incredible. So friendly!

We saw plates of yummy food go past us. And, with four new Bill’s restaurants opening in London and 19 Bill’s already around the UK – you really have no excuse not to go. Find your local one here.

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