Becoming an adult.

Despite what the title may imply, I neither feel like an adult nor act like an adult, although legally and technically I am now, officially an adult. Yes, today I turned the ripe old age of twenty one.

Am I suddenly unable to run across the beach, waving my arms in the air towards the sea?
Banned from rolling down big, grassy hills on hot summer’s days?
Not allowed to dance in the rain when it pours?

What are the rules to being an adult, are there any?

I’ve never really played by the rules anyway, not that I’m a rule breaker – more of a rule bender!

I’ve been showered in celebrations, and am now feeling thoroughly spoilt!

My Mum came up to town a few days ago, and took Ben and I out to lunch at Harry Morgan, which was lovely. I had ANOTHER burger (I promise I’ll stop soon) Ben had the Falafel in pitta and Muma had the Falafel salad! Despite the awkward comment I made about eating delicious pork the night before, (It’s a Kosher restaurant) we had a lovely lunch and catch up!

I failed to get a picture of Ben’s food – for once he wolfed it down before I could stop him!

Muma DSF has had an operation recently on her foot, so is unable to walk long distances. She decided to take a rest for the afternoon with her book in the flat, whilst we went exploring!

The Gentleman and I fancied some culture so took ourselves off to the Tate, big mistake. I am a massive lover of art. I studied it for A level (and gained an A*) and can pour through images online and in print for hours. Though, I do not know how to appreciate a white square on a wall and interpret it as art. Perhaps I’m totally wrong?

Oh sorry, it’s not a square at all but an Octagon…

Also, I’m pretty sure the last time I looked after my friends three year old son, he painted me this picture.

One room in the exhibition made me think of the countryside. It was as though someone from the city had stayed at my house for a few days, seen some thatch and a bit of mud and thought; ‘WOW, the folks in the City will LOVE this.’


They even threw in some industrial waste for good measure.

We thought we’d found some amazing light art too…

Until we realised they’d just nicked the bulbs from the ceiling.

Anyway, you get the picture. To be fair to the Tate, we didn’t go and see the Lichtenstein exhibition. But, at £15 a pop we decided against it. By the end of our tour of the FREE exhibits, we were desperate to get out, not wanting to PAY to see more. And, I did find one piece I liked, possibly because the bulbs kept changing so it kept my interest for more than a second.

We walked along the river to console ourselves instead. Natures art is WAY better.

We picked up my Mum, and drove over to my cousin Josie’s, in Maida Vale, for diner.

Some little starters, along with a huge jug of Sangria!

Chorizo with Olives.

Smoked Herring on Celery.


I totally knew Josie’s ladder would be orange, so brought along my orange handbag to match…!

She had laid on the most delicious dinner, of which I didn’t take many pictures as it was a candle lit dinner. We all know, food with a flash on is a no-no!

We started with Pear, Stilton and Walnut salad, followed by Salmon Fillet in Pastry, with New Potatoes and Mixed Green Vegetables.

The pudding made me smile the most. The Gentleman had baked me a beautiful chocolate cake, AND had decorated it too!

And all before I’d even turned 21!!!