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I was extremely spoilt yesterday, I mean the sort where I had my cake and ate ALL of it.

I was taken out to the Bluebird in Chelsea for lunch with my Uncle Iaian and Muma, it was such a lovely lunch that we were there for hours. We were shown to our table by a lovely lady who Muma had booked the table through, and were introduced to our waiter for the meal. Everyone was utterly charming and all made an effort to come and say ‘Happy Birthday’ to me.

Mother INSISTED on buying me a glass of something sparkling, which I really couldn’t resist.

And they brought over rolls of bread with the most delicious butter I’ve ever tasted!

Okay, so you know when you are having a conversation about something that you’ve never heard of before (e.g. I don’t know, let’s say Waldorf salad) and you think to yourself ‘I’ve never seen that on a menu before – or maybe it’s always been on menus I’ve just never realised’. Then BAM, the next day it’s on the menu.

I decided not to have a starter. Instead, I pinched tiny mouthfuls from the plates either side of me!

The waiter was French, so Mother and Iaian – both being French decided to order in French. Despite having lived there for six months, I’m still not confident! I ordered in English!

Muma had delicious Gazpacho and Iaian had Foie Gras. Both were incredible. 

For mains I went for a hearty Rabbit pie.

Muma had pea risotto – creamy, pea-y, tasty deliciousness.

Iaian had the salmon.

Pudding was a no-brainer Sticky Toffee Pudding for me please!

It was really Muma’s pudding as she’d ordered the 3 course meal – however she didn’t want it and to be fair, I DIDN’T have a starter!

Iaian had a Tiramisu.

Look at those layers!

And then, as if I hadn’t had enough to eat, the waiter brought me out a little something on the house. What a lovely touch!

I can not recommend this place enough. They were so attentative throughout the meal, nothing was too much for them and they actually really enjoyed what they were doing which makes such a difference. You can book a table for the restaurant (which is where we were) but you can’t for the cafe or courtyard, so get down there early to avoid disappointment!

I had opened my presents that morning, but I’ll show you them now. 

I received two bibles; The food bible and the fashion bible.

The Food bible from my Muma.

The fashion bible from my Dad’s cousin Josie.

18 carat gold necklace and matching earrings from my Uncle Iaian. They are feathers with topaz stones set in from Justice in Winchester. Just beautiful – I wore the earrings all day!

A beautiful silver necklace from my Muma. This is from one of my favourite jewellery shops, Carol Anne in Exeter. It’s to replace a necklace that I always used to wear; a heart shaped stone (always was convinced it was a diamond) that slipped off my neck into the ocean in Thailand last summer. A bit like Rose in Titanic – if you ever find it and don’t fancy giving it back, just show it as much love as I did!

My next-door-neighbour Pauline – who I’m sure you’ve met before – she is also our adopted grandma, gave me a truly touching present. A family heirloom, her grandmas bracelet. Beautiful deep purple amethyst set into silver.

Josie also got me lots of theatre tokens, as I’ve never actually been to the theatre in London so The Gentleman and I shall be enjoying a lovely night out soon!

Ben’s lovely parents got me some retail vouchers, as they obviously know how hard I’ve been trying to save and not spend any money! I cannot wait to spend them!

I was spoiled with so many lovely presents, but I have yet to tell you about two very special items I received.

First is a present from my dad. My Great-Grandmothers’ pearl necklace. Her name was Lady Elizabeth Haygarth, and there is a black and white photograph of her in my living room in Devon wearing the exact necklace. He gave it to me in its original green, silk pouch. 

It’s seriously so beautiful, and I felt like a Lady wearing it last night to dinner!

Something equally as special from my Mum. Everybody meet Nik.

Isn’t he handsome?!

To end the perfect day, we shimmied into our evening gowns and heels and zoomed off into the dusk towards Holland Park.

Julie’s Restaurant and Champagne Bar. 

Josie’s choice, as she used to work round the corner was an excellent suggestion. It was so dark that my pictures were awful, so I’ll leave you with us looking happy instead. 

A perfect day with some of my favourite people. Apparently I’m now not allowed to celebrate a birthday until my 50th. FAT CHANCE.

L-R Daddy DSF, Ben (The Gentleman), me, Josie, Muma DSF and Uncle Iaian.