The (very belated) Blogger Bake Sale

This is an extremely belated blog post, I have to say, for which I do apologise. Profusely.

If we’ve had enough of the formalities, I’ll continue?

If you’ve been following recent posts, you’ll be as confused as I am as to where I’ve been, what I’ve been doing and when I’ve been doing it. My head hurts and my body is so confused, for once in my life I’m not really seeking freedom any more. Some stability would be nice, along with a solid daily  routine and a really nice place to live. Failing that, I’d love to win the Euromillions and move to L.A. is that too much to ask?

While we were staying with Ben’s parents in Buckinghamshire, I saw one of Rosie’s (The Londoner) posts announcing her first Blogger Bake Sale. A Sale of delicious baked goods donated by Bloggers, to raise money for some exceptional charities.

The lovely Rose posed for a picture with us… I’m fully aware we’re standing in height order, AND that I’m the shortest. Thank you.

At this point I really do have to apologise for the quality of my photos. This is what happens when you buy a camera in Bangkok and expect it to do the job; that however, is another story. Fingers crossed, I may be receiving an SLR for my upcoming birthday…!

There were gorgeous cakes available for a donation of your choice, I must admit I didn’t see a lot of people eating any cake. Just delicately sipping mojitos. Ben and I weren’t shy and drained our wallets, whilst piling our plates high with cakes and buns and tasty treats.

We admired some of the cakes from afar, not daring to tackle them. This in particular, drew lots of camera phones and SLR’s out of Chanel and Prada purses.

The burger cake.

The Bake Sale was held in the lovely Bumpkin, which made for the perfect location.

I’m so looking forward to the next one (hint, hint, Rosie!) and hopefully being able to bake some of my own specialities! Plus, I never did get one of the infamous Slutty Brownies.

I have to say as well, I met a few lovely people. Most notably, the lovely Laura from Whimsical Nothings so please do check out her blog!