Paris – Hotel Vice Versa

I had that early morning wake up sicky feeling, the one you get when you’re excited but exhausted and have ten million things on your mind. We were off to Paris! My lovely housemate, Jas, woke up extra early to drive us down the mountain to the train station in Bourg Saint Mourice. With two hours before our train, we dragged the suitcases across the road to the only cafe that was open and had croissants and fresh orange juice watching the sun come up.

The train ride sped by, whilst I slept with my head on Ben’s shoulder. Before long we arrived in the beautiful city of Paris!

I have a very classic French Boutique taste, but trying to find a hotel in that style within our budget was IMPOSSIBLE. Instead, I stumbled upon hotel Vice Versa which was totally different and out there. I was so excited to get to the hotel, designed by Chantal Thomass it’s based on the seven deadly sins. Each room has a theme and it was a total surprise as to which room we would get.

Walking through the doors into the reception, it was as though we had stepped into heaven. Everything was in different shades and textures of white, which surprisingly worked incredibly well.

I HAVE to have one of these chairs…

AND one of these lamps…

After our initial welcome by the lovely trilingual receptionist, we were directed to our room. The carpet  and wall gave away the theme of our room.

The whole room was covered in flowers and butterflies and birds and pink… it was just lovely! AND there was a double bed! No more seasonairre single beds for me; no sirrrrie!

The bathroom was equally as gorgeous.

After we’d unpacked our things, we decided to head out and explore the city. Throwing ourselves in at the deep end, we stumbled upon the Champs-Elyses; clutching Bens hand and my handbag as tightly as possible. Being back in civilisation was terrifying. However, the sun was out, everybody was smiling and we were so happy, we were practically skipping down the Champs-Elysees (seriously, people were starting to stare…)

After a spot of shopping and a touch of sight seeing, we headed back to the hotel. The day, and all the travelling had completely exhausted us. Upon our arrival at the hotel, we were informed that the Hammam had been prepared for us. Perfect. We quickly looked around the rest of the hotel; it was just as incredible as the rooms we’d already seen.

The open honesty bar.

Gluttony themed breakfast room. My favourite room!

When our Hammam was ready, we changed into our bathing suits and hopped in the lift to the bottom of the hotel.

 The Hammam was designed to be the opposite of the reception, we had arrived in Hell.

The Hammam was gorgeous, it’s basically a steam room with mood lighting and different fragrances to take you to that ultimate feeling of relaxation. Tucked up in our big, cosy dressing gowns we zoomed back up to our tower at the top of the hotel and ordered in. With face packs on and glasses of wine in hand we snuggled down to watch a film on our first night in Paris, we’d had enough excitement for our first day.