Another little day in the country

Easter at home means family, friends and mountains of food. This Easter, Ben and I happened to be in France so while we were there, my family were doing this;

Without me. (insert sad face)

When we arrived at Ben’s house we were greeted with a belated Lindt Bunny each. At my house, all the chocolate had been demolished. Typical. 

Therefore, I took matters upon myself and made my own Easter feast for the family and our lovely next door neighbour. 

We do like a good centrepiece, although, the master of design happens to be my younger sister Sophie who you’ve met here before.

We gathered hay, Daffodils and cakes for the feast which took place at my favourite time of day for a meal; Tea Time!

I would quite happily have High Tea every day, and skip supper for the rest of my life if I could. Now I’m back in London, I’ll be sure to take you guys to some of my favourite tea spots and you’ll surely fall in love with it as much as I am. 

After tea, we played with the dogs and on the quad bike until the sun started to set. Does anyone else immediately feel like younger versions of themselves, as soon as they head back to their parent’s houses?  

When we became as tired as the dogs, I took it upon myself to cook supper for everyone. Cue Butternut Squash Risotto with baked Butternut Squash seeds and home made Butternut Squash Crisps. Oh yes, I used every inch of that vegetable. I might even give you the recipe sometime, if you’re lucky!

We did a lot more in the few days that we were in Devon, but I didn’t take enough pictures to fill an entire blog post. I may just have to do a catch up post for you all!