The last of the Bluebirds

With just a month to go before the lifts close, the snow melts for good and everyone scatters back to far away places; Ben and I have decided that the pull of the city is too much to bare and we’re heading back to the UK.

On our last ski day, we were blessed with a Bluebird day. I’ve already explained what that is, so you’ll understand how spectacular they are.

With the sun beating down on us, I met Ben and Cat at the Olympique Cable car first thing. We skied over to Tignes before Cat had to go to work, and Ben and I continued through the mountains until our stomachs told us we had to eat.

We popped to the Spar in La Daille at the bottom of the mountain, and grabbed a baguette, cheese and pate. Laden with our bag of goodies, we made our way back up the mountain and found a lovely little picnic spot looking out over the snow topped peaks.

We then scaled the mountain, skiing over to Le Fornet and then back to Val d’Isere to race each other to the bottom of La Daille. I won, naturally.

The combination of blazing sunshine and hard skiing exhausted us both, and we dragged ourselves home to a nice cold drink in T-shirts in the sunshine.

Before long it was time to get up, washed and ready. It was girls night.

Ben sulked off to a friends house with a bag full of booze, while Cat and I glammed up and popped over to La Taverne d’Alsace. Nestled between shops, I’ve walked past it a million times and never realised it was there.

As the five of us slowly made our way into the restaurant, we surrounded a table in the corner. Complaining is not something that comes naturally to me, I’ve never been good at confrontation. But, boy did it take a while for us to get served. We weren’t offered drinks at all until we ordered our mains, even then it took another 15 minutes for the waitress to bring us a bottle (or three) of white.

With a massive helping hand from the Chef, the restaurant managed to redeem itself when the starters came out.

We ordered

Black Pudding with Crispy Lentils, and Salmon Tartare

Beautifully presented and utterly devine.

Mains were just as breathtaking,

Cat had Steak Tartare wrapped in bacon and cheese.

Bryony had the veggie option.

Note the ham: They didn’t quite understand what ‘Vegetarian’ meant.

Celyn had the lamb

Becky had the Sea Bass.

I had Scallops on Creamy Polenta, which was just mindblowingly amazing and I keep craving it.

When our heads were as heavy as our food babies, we decided to go for cocktails at my favourite bar in Val; Victors.

Becky did her impeccable impression of ‘Fat Amy’ doing the ‘Mermaid Dance’ from Pitch Perfect – our new favourite film.

Like every girls night out we have, the night started to go a little fuzzy after cocktails and we trailed off to our respective beds.

Needless to say I didn’t wake until gone mid day the next day…