Les Menuires, Day 2

We woke up to the smell of freshly baked pain au chocolat and fresh croissants. Padding downstairs in our pyjamas Chris and Hannah, our two lovely chalet hosts, met us with a feast of yoghurts, eggs, fresh pastries and fruit and we tucked in. I struggled to put my ski pants on that morning.

The day wasn’t as blue as the previous, but it made for some pretty scenes. Sacha, Tom, Ben and I all clicked in our skis and headed up the mountain together. Scott isn’t that keen a skier so he decided to stay in the chalet and catch up on work things…

Tom and the ever glamorous Sacha

If you’ve ever thought that skiing looks glamorous… It’s all a façade. Ben and I hit the higher slopes, while Sacha and Tom stuck to the lower ones. It was a massive misjudgement on our part, when we reached the restaurant at the bottom; we had tears streaming down our cheeks, chins red with the cold and toes that had become ice blocks.

We jumped straight out of the snow and into the alcohol, mulled wine for everyone else and a boozy cocktail for me. We also may have smuggled some lemon drizzle cake and real salami and chorizo sausage into the restaurant. Don’t tell anyone!

Yes, we cut it with the end of a spoon

We skied back to the chalet as fast as we could and practically landed in the hot tub. You see, when the weather’s bad here, we like to jump into a warm place with a cold glass of something tasty.

Wine and hot tub, sounds about right!

When we got used to the temperature of the hot tub, we needed to make it warm again. Only way? Roll in the snow. Ouch.

It meant one thing, sauna time.

When the wine started to get to us, we were ready for food.

Goats cheese and red onion tarts on a bed of rocket and balsamic.

Thai Green curry (ok, don’t be mean. it didn’t photograph too pretty)

A quick outfit change and we were off again to sample the night life of Les Menuires.

We may as well have stayed in.

Just for the record, Les Menuires has NO night life. The only way, to create a good night.

Endless shots always ensure this happens.

Scott, Ben and I
Sacha and Tom
Me and Sacha

Scott and Chris (our lovely chalet host)

So, I did say there was nothing in Les Menuires, including taxis. The only way back to the chalet was down the slopes and without skis, we would just have to go on toboggans. With the boys being such gentlemen, they took the tray tobbogans and left us with the saucepans. Think about it, would you rather go down a ski slope on a tray or on a saucepan (hint: a tray has more room). It didn’t help that it was pitch black, the snow cannons were on and we were sledging right next to an icy river. Oh, and the fact that the majority of the run was spent on my arse with the saucepan waving in the air instead of with my arse on the saucepan.

Sounds hilarious, I know but at the time my tears were for my derrière, which I could not feel.

 It took a while for the feeling to come back. I have never been so grateful for a warm, soft, mattress in my life.