Les Menuires – Cool Runnings

While Ben hauled himself out of bed at 8.30am to do first lifts, I had a far more leisurely morning watching a film with the guys and gorging myself on food.

When Ben got home, Tom cooked lunch and dedicated it to myself and Sacha.

Egg with lardons, cherry tomatoes, peas, basil, and balsamic.

As Tom’s sponsored by Mazda for his racing car driving (Don’t ask me too much about it as I really don’t know. Try following him on Twitter here) he was offered lots of activities to do through the Les Menuires council. One of them was to go tobogganing. Perfect, a chance to redeem myself!

How wrong I was. Tobogganing is no more glamorous in the day light than at night, and a specific toboggan run? I’d rather not see where I’m going if I’m honest. We stopped at the rental station and were given a toboggan each. No saucepans in sight, we’re talking proper toboggans. Big, red trays with brakes on them. They were pretty serious, we were also handed helmets. Laughing at the hard hats, we carried them limply by our sides. We laughed even harder when we found hair nets in the helmets, can always trust the French to be looking after our best beauty interests.

Sacha rocked the trend anyway
Me, not so much

We stopped at the top of the toboggan run so that Tom could film part of his Vlog for Mazda, Ben became resident camera man for the occasion.

I threw the helmet into the toboggan, let my hair fall over my back with the wind and dragged myself to the edge of the run with my feet.

I peered over the edge and swallowed. My throat was dry. I gazed over to Sacha, and almost in sync, we reached down and pulled on the helmets. The boys were off and half way round the first bend before we got the courage to push ourselves over the edge.

Trust me, it was steeper than it looks.

Do I look pretty? No? Didn’t think so…

At least there were some pretty views.

We made it down the mountain. Just.

With our make-up pouring down our faces, mouths full of ice, snow on the inside of our ski outfits, numb bums and ice dread locks in our hair; we made it down the mountain.

Sacha and I surrendered our toboggans and literally crawled inside the nearest restaurant for a well earned hot chocolate.

nom, nom, nom, nom.

While we sat and talked ‘girl stuff’ the boys decided to show their competitive sides and do another run racing down the mountain, nutters.

When they finally joined us in the restaurant we all had another hot chocolate before heading home.

After hot tub and showers it was time for our favourite part of the day. Supper.

We had been warned that it was going to be boozy, so we had mentally prepared ourselves. The starter was Bloody Mary soup, the fact that I couldn’t taste the vodka worried me a little.

Thyme encrusted pork with dauphinoise potatoes and steaming red cabbage.

I was so full after mains that there was no way there would be any more room in the food baby for pudding, let alone more alcohol!

Orange pancakes drenched in orange liquor…

Set alight!

Oh, go on then. Just a mouthful.

We set up a DVD and all climbed onto the massive sofas around the fire to watch it. I remember feeling so warm and content before falling into a deep sleep. The next thing I knew, Ben was moving the duvet that had been placed over me to try and wake me up to take me to bed at 2am. The vodka/heavy dose of food/crazy excitement of the day must have knocked me out

The next day I have to say I felt way more refreshed, but that was soon to change.

Sorry, I know that picture has no relevance whatsoever, but I saw the boots on the way out and they just look even teenier in Ben’s hands!

We set off in the Mazda heading back to Val d’Isere (insert sad face here). On the home straight, between Bourg Saint Mourice and Val, the boys decided to test the power of the Mazda off-road.

Tom promptly drove into the middle of a field and the car stopped. The look on my face showed just how happy I was to be in that situation.

I eventually saw the funny side and decided to use the opportunity to sunbathe.

While the boys dug the car out…

And Ben worked on his poses…

The boys asked if I was going to help, and I really was, but suddenly a bee appeared out of nowhere and started chasing me! I ran around the field while the boys just stood there laughing. Frustrated and out of breathe by their lack of consideration for my well being, I decided I just wanted to be home. I walked to the edge of the field, grabbed a few branches, dragged them back to the car and threw them down in front of the wheel’s while telling the boys to try driving out on them. I sat in the car with my arms folded across my chest while Tom started the ignition and drove straight out of the field. Boys really have no clue sometimes.

We had such a lovely time away with incredible company, thanks to Tom for looking after us so well and also to Absolutely Snow for putting up with us!

The rest of the way home, we sang “Call Me Maybe” into the Go Pro, while stopping to take a few more tourist pics.