Valentine’s Day

Boys and girls, I am happy to say I was spoilt rotten yesterday. I’ve never been properly spoilt on Valentine’s day so it was well overdue. I also would like to apologise in advance for the amount of cheese that will fill the following post.

The day started with breakfast in bed; pancakes with bananas and chocolate followed by a gorgeous morning skiing.

The boy has brilliant technique…

Then I was surprised (after we both said we weren’t doing gifts) with a perfect single pink rose. You should have seen my smile.

When we’d both changed into something a little less ‘seasonnairey’, we took the cable car back up the mountain for hot chocolate. Well, we were meant to be having lunch up the mountain but someone took too long getting ready *Ehem Ben*

I’m wearing Topshop vintage leather and faux fur jacket, River Island bag and Zara high waisted leggings (similar here) and Ray Bans. Ben is wearing Ted Baker jacket (similar here) and Ray Bans.

We went up Solaise side of the mountain and had the tastiest hot chocolates brimming with whipped cream and chocolate powder dusted over the top.

Letting the hot chocolate settle, we had a stroll on top of the mountain until we got too cold and took the chair lift down.

The chairlift down was terrifying. I don’t think I usually have a fear of heights, but when you’re going down on something that normally takes you up as well as not wearing skis or any of the gear that makes you feel secure; not the best feeling. Ben’s hand was pretty numb by the time we got to the bottom; from my grip, not the cold…

The sun came out for a bit and to make up for the lack of lunch on the mountain, Ben decided to make me some instead.

He looks so smug!

Moet, baked Camembert, fresh bread and pan fried redcurrent marinaded duck breast. Incredible.

Earlier in the day when Ben and I had met to go skiing, he crouched down and pulled something out of his pocket; my face must have been a picture. I then realised he was holding a ski pass. I was totally and completely dumbfounded whilst trying to figure out what he was doing with it. Finally my eyes settled on the time for the pass and I realised it was for 19.20, two and a bit hours after all the ski lifts normally shut…

So there I was standing at the Olympique cable car at 7.10 where we were met by an empty cable car with candles, Champagne, Caviar and blankets in it. Speechless.

It took us up the Mountain and to the top, before descending again. The night was cloudless and the town looked beautiful.

One very happy little lady

After my chariot through the mountains, Ben took me to Victors cocktail bar for drinks. We drank far too much, talked and laughed until midnight.

My perfect Valentine’s.