The Bluebird day

Being a seasonnaire isn’t like any other job in the world. With just 35 hours at work each week, we have enough time to do pretty much what we like. This mainly means tearing up the piste with planks strapped to our feet, skiing. The past few weeks have seen some pretty horrendous weather with blizzards and flat light every day which has made it incredibly easy for me to look outside every morning and declare ‘today is not a skiing day.’ Hey, when you’re here for six months you can pick and choose mountain days.

I’ve been waiting for a bluebird day for a while now, something to make fresh tracks in and to take some beautiful pictures of. For those of you that don’t ski, us that do get pretty excited about bluebird days. When it has snowed for a while, all the tracks on the piste are covered and a smooth layer of snow settles over everything, I’m not a massive off piste fanatic, but it looks gorgeous!

Today was a bluebird day. It took a little while, but then the sun broke through the clouds and we were left with blue sky, sunshine and smooth mountains to oooh and ahhh over.

Don’t know what I’m talking about?

Pretty nice hey?

We don’t just ski on our days off, but today was incredible. 

Tonight, we’re going to Moris Pub for the best burgers in town. Think I’ve earned it!

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