Mars Bar Melt Chocolate Mountain cake

If my Chocolate Coma Cake didn’t send you into an unconscious state, this beast of a baked good will surely do the trick. Just, promise me you won’t tell Jamie Oliver!

So, it was recently a friends birthday at work and I promised him I would bake him a cake. His birthday was on Monday. It got to Wednesday and the cake still hadn’t been produced. I don’t like breaking promises, but I may have a slight problem in knowing how to keep them. Then it came to me, like a gift from gateaux heaven. I was in the aisles, staring at the chocolate section (does anyone else do that?) and my eyes fell upon a pack of Mars bars. Chhhhh-chiiiing, lightening bulb moment occurred.

Mars Bar Melt Chocolate Mountain Cake, if that’s a mouthful to you – wait till you try the cake…

If you’re on a New Years diet, look away now.

If you’re allergic to chocolate, look away now.

Those are my only two reasons for not trying this cake… really couldn’t think of any more. (sorry!)

You will need:

16 oz Self Raising Flour
16 oz butter
16 oz brown sugar
8 eggs
1 bar dark chocolate
2 Daime Milka bars
3 Mars bars
1 pot raspberry jam

I told you people, we ‘aint makin’ no Fairy Cakes here. We’re making Mountain Cake; BIG, BUTCH wedges of fatty chocolaty bliss.

We’ll do this in layers.

To make the chocolate base, grab half of your raw ingredients plus your bar of dark chocolate.

  • Melt the dark chocolate with 4oz sugar and 8oz butter in a glass bowl over a pan of boiling water (whack in a bit of maple syrup for good measure, doesn’t matter how much – we’re making a mountain)

  • While that’s melting away into a glorious chocolatey mess, we separate four of our eggs. The yolks go into a large bowl with the other 4oz of your sugar and the whites go into a slightly smaller bowl. Careful not to get any of the yolk in the white, it will stop it from whisking properly.

  • Whisk the yolk and sugar until thoroughly combined and lighter in colour.

  • Whisk the whites until they form stiff peaks, make sure your chocolate has cooled to room temperature before doing so though.

  • Fold half of your egg whites into the chocolate mixture then sieve in 8oz of your flour and fold together.

  • Fold in the rest of your egg whites and pour into a buttered and lined cake tin.

  • Bake in the oven at 180 degrees Celsius for 30-40 mins or until firm to the touch and still slightly liquid inside. 
  • Once cooled enough to handle, remove from cake tin and wrap in cling film to seal in the moisture.

For the Daime Bar top half, follow the exact same recipe for the chocolate layer but replace the dark chocolate with the two bars of Daime Milka. Leave for slightly longer in the oven, maybe five to ten minutes.

Leave the two halves to cool wrapped in their cling film blankets and start on the icing.

  • Melt your three Mars Bars in a pan with 2oz icing sugar and a splash of water, leave aside to cool.

When the cake layers are cool, spread your bottom chocolate one with raspberry jam and the top one with the Mars Bar icing then sandwich them together. I used my incredible pot of fudgy condensed milk for the top, along with a punnet of fresh raspberries for decoration.

Of course, adapt the recipe however you like. Use your favourite chocolate bars and ADD FRUIT to attempt to make it slightly healthier.