To the New Year

This year has been a big one for me, I started it off in a job I wasn’t happy in and I was in a pretty low place. I was living alone, working long hours, not socialising and felt tired the whole time. I ended up quitting my job with nothing to go to and on the last day walked into a job managing a beauty salon in Piccadilly.

After that, I completely believe that fate exists. I had the pleasure of working with two incredible girls, Erika and Yesmin. Erika taught me how to be confident again and Yesmin taught me more than I’ll ever know. Both girls have incredible passion and drive for life, which spurred me to follow my dreams.

The only way I can really explain what’s happened to me, is through the pictures I’ve taken along the way…

There really aren’t any pictures before February as I didn’t really have a life. So, we’ll start from then.


The smile that was lost starts creeping back.

My sister turned 21, I made the cake obviously!


May – My 20th birthday

and when I truly realised how much I loved life…

This day was probably my best in 2012; My best friends and I spent the day on the beach in Devon, in the afternoon we chilled out with champagne in the hot tub at Lucy’s, then went out to sample Exeter’s finest night life. I don’t think I’ll ever forget how happy I was that day.

June – Friends and family

July – Olympics!


Holiday prep!

Ruairidh’s birthday


back home…


Thailand with two of my best friends; incredible places, blue skies, sunshine every day, bikinis and cocktails.

Malaysia  Culture, food, views and lovely people.


Home again!


B came into my life in October, but I introduced him to you guys in November

Then I moved to France to start a new life


A time for family, friends, love and food.

Just as quickly as it started, the year was over. We saw the 2012 Olympics in London, Kate finally got pregnant AND we survived the end of the world. None of us did too badly hey!

Here’s to a new year, a new start for some, the future and to freedom.

My first picture of 2012.