OMG shoes… let’s get some shoes

I’ve been a very lucky girl recently and have been spoiled by Ben (he gets upset when I call him B, so now you know his real name) my shoes have been wrecking my feet after getting wet then working in them all day so I’ve unknowingly been looking at shoes when I’ve been window shopping.

The other day after a couple of Vodka Pommes, Ben, Cat and I were walking past the Nike shop and stopped for a browse. Cat and I both saw some shoes that took our fancy and before we knew it we were in the shop trying them on.

When I’d taken them off and put them back in their box they were whipped away from me, the next time I saw them they were in a bag in my hand.

The craziest thing about these shoes? They’re flat. Completely one hundred percent flat. “So?” you say, well If you knew me as well as most people do, you’d know that I don’t wear flat shoes. EVER!

I guess there’s a first for everything!

The best thing about them?

Ben bought them for me!