Girls night out

I’ve told you all that I moved to France, but not really much else about my life out here. I probably have THE best job going in Val d’Isere working for a company called Snowberry, a ski hire shop. Working with the best people with the best hours in the whole resort.

This year there are more girls than ever working in Snowberry, six instead of the usual two or three. So Becky (there are two so I’m going to call this one Becky B) decided that we should all get to know each other a bit better and have a dinner out together. She booked us a table at the restaurant Sur la Montagne  and we all met after work, a few of the girls had managed to go to the Polo before dinner as it was only in town for a couple of days, so I grabbed some snaps from Cat with her ’14 times optical zoom’. (Inside joke)

I would have liked to have seen the polo, but to be honest I’m not sure I missed out too much, it was so cold the ball burst three times.

In Sur La Montagne however it didn’t matter that it was cold outside, we were so warm and cosy cuddling up on the sheep skin covered chairs and on the cushioned benches.

Me, Becky and Bryony

We started with a bottle of Rose, and continued on to drink another two afterwards.

They bring pate and fresh bread to nibble on while you wait for your food. Not the smooth English kind of shop bought pate that you get, but thick, fresh, melt in your mouth pate that you could eat minus the bread. It was polished off pretty quickly.

Becky B, Cat and Celyn.

Becky B and Cat.

Before we all got too tipsy, our food came.

Black pudding sausage on a bed of caramelised apples with creamy mashed potato for Cat and Celyn.

Spaghetti Italiene for me and Becky B to share, we split a lasagne and the pasta – just too indecisive!

Becky had mixed seafood noodles, I can’t remember what it was called but it smelt divine.


Some extra chips for the hungry.

Bryony had a mountain of pizza buried under a generous pile of salad and parmesan.

Happy girls; Me, Becky, Bryony, Becky B, Cat and Celyn.

We were pretty shocked to discover that half our bill had gone on wine, but thought it was pretty reasonable considering.

After dinner we decided to make a night of it. After all, the boys had been worried about what we were going to get up to all week. We had to give them something to talk about.

Becky, Becky B and me.

Me looking pretty happy.

Becky, Celyn, Becky B, Me, Cat and yes, we are inside an igloo. 

We popped over to Blue Note for a couple of drinks, starting off with Genepi shots. A mountain drink made of flowers and sugar then left to ferment; super strong and entirely lethal. After that, the night got out of hand fairly quickly. 

Genepi face anyone?