Season opening 2012/2013

I’ve been a really bad blogger and not written anything in a while! Every time I go somewhere new it takes me a while to get back on the blog, but here we are!

My new housemate Cat and I were invited to the opening of the season, held at the Centre de Aquasportif in Val d’Isere. The sports centre was transformed into the most incredible atmospheric place I’ve been to. We knew it was going to be good as it was being put on by the lovely people at La Folie Douce (I’ll tell you more soon) there were uplights in the pool making the whole place look like a nightclub. Walking down a lit up purple walkway, you couldn’t help but feel special! A doorman met us and opened the door for us, our coats were taken and we found ourselves drinking never-ending glasses of champagne.

When we’d rehydrated ourselves on champagne, we were ushered towards the buffet. Michelin starred chefs  served up freshly cut smoked salmon with crispy mini baguette and foie gras.

Another glass of champagne followed, and after the most incredible pork that fell apart if you so much as looked at it.

The entertainment was incredible. A stage had been built between two of the pools and Kelly Starlight took centre stage. Kelly is extremely well known in Val, I first came across him a number of years ago at La Folie Douce where he jumped up on the bar with a microphone and sang his heart out while spraying his audience with a magnum of champagne. He is as camp as they come and wears heels to rival even me.

Cat and I grabbed a little more champagne (if it’s free, it really is rude to say no) while the entertainment continued.

Me and Cat

My Dad looking extremely pleased with himself.

Starters were replaced with pudding, little pots of heavenly pudding. Creamy vanilla pots topped with mixed berries, deliciously decadent.

The performers had a quick costume change before jumping on another stage and strutting their stuff once more.

The performers continued and we left before the clock struck midnight, stopping on the way at Fall Line for a sobering glass of water.